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Prince MacDonald Enwere. Do you know that Ekwensu is not the Devil?  This has been a great misconception in the post-ancient  Igbo era how "Ekwensu" has been heavily misconstrued to be the Devil. Today, the word "Ekwensu" is erroneously seen as a connotation to evil or the Devil. Whenever it is mentioned, it conveys terror. This misconception has continued to gain much popularity in the modern Igbo interpretation.  Ekwensu was one of the sons of the Creator "CHI". In Igbo pantheon, Chi or Chukwu is the supreme Creator , the maker of the cosmos, the most powerful, encompassing everything in the space. "Chi"is the source of all other Igbo deities. "Chi" has children which "Ekwensu" is one of them. They were worshipped in Igbo land as gods. Other sons of "Chi" who were worshipped as gods include Amadioha- the gods of thunder and lightening, Ikenga- the gods of industry and fortunes, Agwu - the gods of divination and hea