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Buhari will win Saturday Polls-Prophet Barr Ejike Nwachukwu.

Prophet Ejike Nwachukwu is the Pastor of REHMA Chapel Nnewi District. He is naturally endowed with the gift of vision.  In this exclusive interview with Nigeria Notch he gives insight on Happenings in the polity and reasons why Nigerians should come out and vote and why President Muhammad Buhari will win the election. We have few hours to go into the Nigerian Presidential Elections, what is your prediction? The way I see this election is that the opposition party will work so hard, but the way I see it, it may not actually end in their favour. I see the President retaining the seat of power. This is a time Nigerians need to pray,because if Nigerians keep quiet, this country is going to shake to its foundati on. I gave this prophecy in September 2018, that Nigeria is going to shake,but with the prayers of the Church, God will intervene. We need to pray for Nigeria, 2019 is a deciding factor for so many things in this country. 2019 is going to decide so many things in

7 killed, as Petrol tanker explode beside governor’s lodge in Amawbia

No fewer than 7 persons were confirmed dead and one remaining victim moved to intensive care unit of NAUTH when a tanker with petrol fell at Amawbia Roundabout in Awka and went up in flames last night. Nigerian Notch, correspondent in Awka who went to the scene gathered that at least eight vehicles and some residential buildings within the vicinity were also destroyed in the inferno. The fire occurred in front of the Amawbia Fire Service and near the Police Headquarters, Anambra Governor’s Lodge and other public buildings. Narrating his experience, one of the victims, Okechukwu, said the tanker was negotiating a bend when it fell and subsequently burst into flames. “I saw the vehicle trying to negotiate to this direction and all of a sudden the tank fell and hit the pavement of the roundabout so I immediately came out of my car. “Few seconds after, there was an explosion accompanied by fire and as you can see, my car is burnt beyond recognition, together with about ten other vehic