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Welcome to another edition of boiling point, where issues on national importance are discussed, towards finding a lasting solution to issues that border us as Nigerians, where the truth is only good enough. In the last couple of weeks, I have watched with utter dismay, the happenings in Igbo land, which has made many ask questions, where Igbo’s are we headed to, considering the happenings in today’s Nigeria. Rochas Okorocha, the executive governor of Imo state, and the lone voice with the ruling All Progressive Congress APC in the south east, has made statements, which to me does not represent the true position of Igbo’s in today’s Nigeria. I, am dumb founded whenever I remember Gov Rochas Okorocha's speech at the Imo International conference center, in Owerri, as  he endorsed President Muhamadu Buhari for a second term in office when the incumbent president has not declared interest, or intent to go for a second term. In that stakeholders meeting of APC faithful, from the sout

D.P.O CPS Nnewi Help Avert Fire Disaster At Innoson Plaza In Nnewi

Innoson Plaza in Nnewi, would have been fully gutted by a fire out break that hit the plaza mid afternoon, Friday last week, which started from the second floor of the plaza, at betnija’s office due to the  malfunction of a computer device, which sparked off fire in the three story building, along old Owerri road in Nnewi. In what can be described as bravery and gallantry of the Nigeria Police force, the Divisional Police Officer of Central Police Station Nnewi, with his men stormed, the area, while a serving member of the Nigeria police force, Mr Okoli, with some Okada men, from capital zone,  risked their life, without thoughts of the hazards that may arise from it, due to the fact that they were not properly trained for such professional work, as quenching of fire, which is the exclusive reserve of fire men, but however brought the fire under control within minutes of having access to water. Nigerian Notch, on reaching the scene of the incident, met the divisional police officer M