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Nigeria’s staggering democracy is speedily tilting towards the rich taking charge of the whole electoral processes in their different political parties. Plutocracy as it is has never been known to us as one of the ethos of democracy and how our politicians are breeding this monstrous act remains a wonder. Vote buying or merchandising, no matter how it is christened has militated against the will of the people as well worked against the socio-development of a people. This is mostly done by political desperadoes who lack all it takes to win elections either at the primaries or general elections and feel that moneybag politics is the way to go. Delegates and electorates have made themselves vulnerable to these political merchants that they now see it as money for "business as usual," thus a  transaction that benefits both parties.  Worse still, delegates and electorates now prioritize highest bider over competence and hardwork thereby voting only the candidates with deep pockets

Obi's Presidential Aspiration Suffers A Setback

  ... as Calistus Okafor's faction of Labour Party rejects Obi. ...says, he was deceived to identify with the fake faction. AIF Media  The presidential ambition of Mr Peter Obi who dumped PDP and defected to Labour Party yesterday, May 27 has suffered a serious setback as the faction led by Comr Calistus Okafor said, Mr Obi identified with the wrong faction of the party. Investigation by AIF Media reveals that Obi who registered yesterday with the faction led by Julius Abure may have been deceived to defect to Labour party without being informed that the party leadership has been a subject of litigation since 2018. According to a source who spoke to AIF Media, Comr Calistus Okafor is the authentic National Chairman of the Labour party. He was the deputy national chairman of the party to the late National chairman, Abdulkadir Abdusalam.  It was gathered that when Abdulkadir Abdusalam, died in year 2020, Mr Julius Abure who was the then acting National secretary, announced himself as

Killing of Adamawa woman in Anambra should not be ethnicised – HURIWA

Civil rights advocacy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, (HURIWA) on Wednesday, condemned the gruesome murder of an indigene of Adamawa State, Harira Jibril, and her four kids by gunmen in Anambra State. HURIWA also condemned the rash of killings by ISAP of 50 young boys in Ran Borno state and 12 persons in Katsina by Fulani terrorists. The Rights group said the patience of Nigerians is running out with the current patently incompetent Federal government. HURIWA, in a statement by its National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, said security agents must go after the perpetrators of the heinous crimes in Borno, Katsina and Anambra States. The group, however, warned that the killing of the married Adamawa woman who had reportedly lived all her life in Anambra State should not be ethnicised or politicised by fifth columnists who always want to trigger violent inter-tribal and inter-religious conflicts. HURIWA urged the Governors of Northern States to ensure that all


Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, today, Wednesday May 25, 2022 addressed the people of Anambra State. Declares curfew in 8 local government areas of the State Below is the full text of his address: *Peace and Security in Anambra As Our Collective Responsibility* Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR Governor, Anambra State Being Press Statement by Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR (Governor of Anambra State) at a News conference: Awka, Wednesday, 25th May, 2022 Umu nnem, Ndi Anambra! You employed me to lead the process of building a livable and prosperous homeland. After swearing-in on the 17th March, 2022, I worked for 8 hours and 45 minutes that day and have kept working hard every day to make you proud. A lot is ongoing, and we will report to you in due course. However, we recognized from the first minute that restoring peace and security will be foundational to our larger agenda as a people. We devoted several paragraphs in our inaugural speech to underscore the grave security


Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous  20-point agenda circulating on some social media handles, authored by one Choco Nwaigbo esq, who also appropriated to himself, the position of Special Remote Adviser to the governor on security matter. The 20-point agenda purportedly tagged "Soludo Solution" is a fictitious write-up that was not authorised or emanated from Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo or any of the government agencies. It is purely a figment of the author's imagination and certainly not from the Government of Anambra State. There are designated  channels for any information from the government meant for the public. The public is kindly advised to disregard the said 20-point agenda as a fake write-up.

Former council boss appeals for immediate release of abducted Ukpor based politician

The former chairman of Nnewi South Local Goverment Area, Apostle Romanus Okoli has passionately appealed to the abductors of Ukpor based politician, Uzozie Chukwujekwu to release him immediately. The appeal was contained in a press release signed by the former LGA chairman made available to journalists on Sunday. Apostle Okoli described the abducted person as his bossom friend and served under him in the council noting that Chukwujekwu is currently the vice president of Ukpor Improvement Union(UIU), Central body and a community leader. He said that Chukwujekwu is a very amiable person who cannot hurt a fly and that the abductee is a pillar of St Andrews Anglican Church, Umuohama Ukpor and the wife is the Women's guild president. "He is a struggler just like any other average Nigerian, he was a teacher before venturing into petty business acting as a distributor of agricultural equipment, poultry feeds and also venture into poultry and crops farming and fishery just to make end


.........PLEDGES N10M REWARD FOR ANY VALUABLE INFO TO TRACK THE KILLERS Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo; CFR, has received with shock and deep sadness the news of the gruesome murder of Hon. Okechukwu Okoye, member representing Aguata II Constituency at the State House of Assembly and his aide, Cyril Chiegboka. Both Hon Okoye and Cyril Chiegboka were kidnapped on the road by the heartless and barbaric murderers on 15th May. Gov Soludo condoles with his kinsmen of Isuofia, noting that it is probably the same criminal gang that attacked him and killed three policemen at Isuofia two years ago that are once again on the prowl.  But they can never cow down Isuofia and Anambra state. Governor Soludo, still in shock over the barbaric acts against his two kinsmen, vowed that the perpetrators as well as all criminals operating in Anambra must be decisively brought to book.  Governor Soludo has consequently placed a N10 million reward for anyone or group that will avail valuable information that wi