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Hon Maduakolam Foresees a Free & Credible election.

The Senior Special  Assistant to governor Willie Obiano, on Information, strategy and communication, says he is hopeful that INEC is prepared and ready for tomorrow's general elections in Nigeria and Anambra state, in particular. He made this assertion today at Ihiala local government council, while interacting with newsmen. He stressed that INEC is one of the public institutions in Nigeria that has evolved over the years, and is gradually marching towards perfection, with the modalities they have put on ground for this election. He was of the view that APGA is the party to beat and the brand, APGA,will speak volumes of the government's grassroot achievements In the last four years on the saddle of leadership in the state. He therefore called on Ndi Anambra to vote all APGA candidates as a measure to continue encouraging the governor for all he has done for the people. On the election for the Federal House of Reps for Ihiala,his consituency, he maintained that APGA w

Igbo Voters wiser, can't be influenced by Ohanaeze-Moghalu

Chief Kingsley Moghalu, presidential candidate of the Young People’s Party (YPP),has maintained that the endorsement of a particular candidate by Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo is in vain, and will not amount to the voting partner of Igbo bloc votes in the coming presidential election on Saturday. Moghalu disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, on Wednesday in Awka. He said youths in the South East are now wise to know who to vote for, and Ohanaeze will not sway or compel them on what to do, this time around. “We in the South East now know that our elders in Ohanaeze have been economical with the truth, they tell us what they want us to believe for reasons best known to them. “This time around the youths in the region have decided to vote for candidates that appeal to them in terms of development plans for the country,” he said. Moghalu said he has done much for Nigerians to deserve their votes in Feb. 23, poll, going by his contribution to the development of th

Living Faith Church Nnewi fingered in acts of intimidation, injustice and abuse of fundamental human rights.

The living faith Church Nnewi branch, has been fingered in acts of intimidation, injustice and blatant abuse of the fundamental human rights of Dr Samuel Ojiako and family, who are foundation members of the church in Anambra state. As the fourth estate of the realm, this newspaper company took it upon itself to carefully investigate the matter for over a month now, which has led to many findings of what the matter is, and what actually transpired. We are not a court of law neither are we standing in for anyone, but for the abuse melted out to the children. We gathered through our correspondent who was an eye witness, at the scene of, Dr Ojiako's children locked out, at their school, Kingdom Heritage Model Schools, Nnewi, which precisely happened on the 17th of January 2019. For reasons of clarity we investigated, and found out that accusing fingers pointed at the school management and the Church Nnewi, for either  lacking the professional ethics of human management, in schoo

YPP Presidential Candidate Condemn INEC postponement of elections calls for over hauling of INEC. Hopeful, that Nigerians will elect him President

In this exclusive interview with  Nigerian Notch, the YPP Presidential candidate lampooned INEC for falling in it's responsibility and gave insight of what the norm should be in a democracy. Sir, the last minute postponement of elections, hours to the election by INEC, what is your take on it? The last minute postponement of the elections, without even the courtesy of informing Nigerians 48hrs or 72hrs to the time,but people work up preparing to vote,and only to hear that they will not vote is utter disrespect, and shows the incompetence, occasioned by performance failure that INEC has shown by this act. This calls for a consequence. The Chairman of INEC must resign. In a civilized country, this cannot happen. This country has become a banana republic, and we must stop our slide into anarchy. How can this happen, #640 Billion budget, four years of notice, that INEC will conduct another election and at the very last minute, this is what we get. This is why we need a new