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GOVERNOR HOPE UZODIMMA of Imo state has advocated a renewed and collective effort by the people of Imo state to stamp out violence and other forms of criminality in the state this year. In his  new year Message to the people of the state, Uzodimma pledged that the government will work in concert with the security agencies to ensure a safer Imo state in 2022 and beyond  He also pledged that his administration will this year redouble efforts to redress the infrastructural deficit it met on assumption of office. According to him, the huge capital outlay in this year's budget of over 74% of the total budget, was a sign that there would be more developmental projects in the state. Uzodimma however noted that progress could only be made in an atmosphere of peace. He noted that some opposition elements had sought to destabilize the state and arrest its progress, but expressed gratitude to God that they have been overwhelmed. He also expressed appreciation to all the patriotic citizens who

Okofia Development Union pass vote of no confidence on their PG

The executive members of Okofia Development Union in Nnewi North LGA of Anambra state has passed a vote of no confidence on their President General for what they termed gross misappropriation of funds.  In a letter made available to our correspondent in Nnewi, and signed by 12 executive officers who consist 2/3 majority of Okofia Development Union which translates as well to the general Community are of the view that the gross misappropriation of funds without resolutions from the executive or ratification of the said financial transactions pending is illegal and can no longer be condoled.  The stated that the exclusion and non recognition of women in the leadership of the community is appualling and needs to be addressed, while they bemoaned the exclusion of other executives in running the affairs of the community which led to the incompetence shown by the PG in uniting the NGO Abor quarters.  They therefore asked the President General to honorably resign or justify his actions, while

BNH Estate Petitions Imo State House Of Assembly Over Lands Bought From Host Communities.

Dcn  Chuka Obaego has petitioned Imo State House of Assembly, over his landed property that was demolished  by agents of OCDA after he had paid  millions and started development on the landed property on which he was given receipt for. On the  7th August 2021 Dcn  Chuka got to his land  to find that the agents of OCDA invaded BNH Estate site where constructions have started  and destroyed property's worth over 50 Million Naira  The Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly after  receiving the Petition from the Clerk  referred the matter to IMHA Committee on Housing to go through and get back to the hallowed chambers after 3 Weeks The Eastern Heartland is known as a wonderful and peaceful place where investors can actually do their business unhindered. These agents of OCDA has been very overzealous in carrying out their duties in recent times and should be working in synergy with the good policy of APC Led Shared Prosperity Government This fraudulent antics is discouraging investors fro

Was Nwosu actually kidnapped, Arrested or Karma paying a visit?

  On the 26th day of December, 2021; Mr. Uche Nwosu, A former Chief of staff to Imo former Governor was picked up in his local Church. His followers disturbed the reading public with different narratives and story lines as it regards to the said picking up. Some said that he was kidnapped, others said that he was arrested but in a Gestapo style while the religious ones questioned why it must be in a Church but the bottom line is that he was picked up. To the overtly emotional followers, your principal was arrested after refusing to honor many invitations extended to him by the law enforcement agents a move that warranted him being trailed to his village and finally his place of worship.  I am not holding briefs for the state nor the Federal governments but I believe that the reading public deserves some truths and the records set aright. Ugwumba as he is fondly called must have had an unfinished business with the Law enforcement agents thus his invitation and subsequent arrest but as a


■A CRIMINAL CAN BE ARRESTED ANYWHERE, ANYTIME* Global Association of concerned Imo youths (GACIY) has rejected the petulant, careless, deceitful, and seditious utterances of Sen. Ethelbert Okorocha over the arrest of his son-in-law, Mr. Uche Nwosu. Anayo Okorocha not only had the effrontery to wag his little finger at Ndi Imo just because security operatives whisked away his son in-law, he splashed sewage on the person of Governor Hope Uzodimma in the full glare of national TV cameras, having failed miserably to link the Governor to the intractable travails of his family. If only Anayo enjoyed good counsel, he would have been stopped the second such perverse foolishness began to drip from his lying lips. We know Anayo to be a circus clown but the reprehensible remarks that came from him this afternoon are beneath his stature as a former Governor and portray him as a haunted soul. Why else will Anayo confess in a press conference that his son-in-law was arrested by operatives from the F