Emeakayi seeks 24-hour police protection, calls on Anambra Police Commancd to investigate his petition

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra State, Prince Ken Emeakayi, has called on the Commissioner of Police and the Director of DSS in the Anambra State to provide him with 24-hour protection with personnel of the Nigerian police and the DSS.
        Emeakayi, who made the request while fielding questions from newsmen in Awka, Monday, after visiting the Commissioner of Police in the State, Mr. Sam Okaula; and the Director of DSS, Mr. Yusuf Isyaku, said that the protection becomes crucial “because of the recurrent threat to his life by agents of the governor of Anambra State”.
        According to him: “On 23rd February, 2017, Governor Wllie Obiano called me on phone and threatened to kill me if I failed to stop any form of opposition against him and his government. He promised that I “will face the wrath of Aguleri and will not live to tell the story if I will continue to oppose his government”.
        “On February 24th, I chronicled what transpired on the telephone conversation between me and the governor and forwarded it to the office of the governor as the chief security officer of the state.
“Also, on February 28, I forwarded the same petition to the DSS and the police, and urged them to investigate the petition. I also requested them to obtain the call history of the conversation from the network provider so that I might not be accusing His Excellency wrongly”.
Emeakayi said also that after what transpired between him and the governor, he has been receiving life-threatening phone calls and text messages from those suspected to be agents of the state government.
“I no longer feel free in Anambra State. I no longer go about my legitimate businesses because of agents of the state government who are everywhere looking for me.
“The governor has no right to kill me because I committed no crime that warrant such. My crime is that I told him to stop breaching the constitution contrary to the oath he swore as governor. I want to state also that I do not want to die now: I have family. I have wife and children; I have dependants; so, I do not want to die now. Therefore, I request the police and the DSS in Anambra State to provide me with 24-hour protection against those who are after my life”, he said.