Anambra Heaps of Dirt a Prelude to Epidemic

The heaps of dirt lettering the streets of Anambra state is not only worrisome but embarrassing, going by the fact that the state is a gate way to the south east.
The neglect of these waste bins by the state government is giving the people of the state sleepless nights because of the envisaged epidemic that can result from such neglect.
The state government should know that the essence of governance is to be responsive to the yearnings of Ndi Anambra. Anambra has not being Lucky in the past when epidemics occurred. Several instances of death recorded last year at Atani, though a natural disaster should not be allowed to repeat itself in Anambra. The ministry of environment should wake up from its slumber and face the situation at hand. No excuse is required for the neglect, but rather a proactive measure should be put in place by the ministry to forestall the stench in Anambra. The Governor also should call the ministry of environment or agency in charge of evacuating refuse in Anambra to wake up to the task of keeping the environment clean. This will save Anambrians the stress of having an epidemic. Now is the time to act