Nnewi Market leadership reads riot act to touts, fake insurance brokers

Leadership of the Fairly Used and New Motorcycles Dealers Association, (FUNMDA), Nnewi, Anambra state, has frowned at the activities of touts and fake insurance brokers that have taken siege of the market; warning them to stop their illegal activities and sharp practices or face the wrath of the union.

President of the market association, Mr. Eloka Ubajekwe, gave the warning  at the weekend during an emergency meeting of the market where he addressed traders and the supposed market touts and fake insurance brokers, in the presence of his executive members.

He said that the leadership of the market had observed with dismay how the aforementioned had, over a long period of time, adopted sharp practices that fleeced majority of the customers of their hard earned money, as well as the attendant loss to the real traders/dealers.

According to Ubajekwe, the business of the "hustlers", who have no shops of their own, has been to monitor when buyers of motorcycles arrived the market, so that they would approach the customers, and mislead them in the pretext of helping them buy quality and durable motorcycles. He said that the buyer would end up paying very high price for inferior motorcycle as if he were paying for quality and durable ones "because of calculated deceit by the hustlers, who make huge amounts of money in a single transaction."

The market leader said the hustlers (touts and fake insurance brokers), because of their sharp practices,  made much more money than the profits of real traders and shop owners.

"The leadership of this market is warning all market hustlers to quit the practice and look for genuine means of livelihood or leave the market entirely to avoid embarrassment.

"The union has resolved that anybody that contravenes this order will pay the sum of N50,000 as fine in addition to other punishments that would be meted on the him," Ubajekwe said, revealing also that the union had purchased twenty five pairs of handcuffs and would get more in readiness for the offenders.

He said the market has also constituted a 75-man taskforce to ensure that "hustlers" are no longer seen anywhere close to the market; adding that the union had informed security agencies and would work in collaboration with them to achieve desired result.

"The same condition given to touts is also given to fake insurance brokers. They should either respect themselves by leaving the market or they should engage in reasonable and responsible businesses," he added; urging the task force to work hard and fish out offenders.

The union leader also said that barrow pushers will be expected to wear their aprons and get their wheelbarrows duly registered with the market union to help check cases of diverting people's goods by barrow pushers, a case that had been reported on many occasions.

Ubajekwe said he had also conveyed the decision of the market to the traditional ruler of Nnewi, His Royal Highness, Igwe Kenneth Orizu III.