CP Zamfara Commends IGP for his support in Rooting out Criminals.

The Commissioner of Police Zamfara state command has commended the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed A. Adamu, for his support in rooting out criminals in the state, he made this known in a press briefing today at Gusau, the Zamfara state capital while addressing the press.


Gentlemen of the press, you are our weapons of mass destruction and bomb in this journey of success story. You are wonder people that other journalist in other part of the country should emulate. On behalf of officers and personnel of the command, I welcome you to Zamfara state Police command Headquarters, Gusau for another press briefing.

First and foremost, i must express my gratitude to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed A. Adamu NPM, mni, for having confidence in me in assigning this important assignment. His operational strategy of operation "PUFF ADDER" no doubt served as an impetus and guiding code in achieving this success. I owe him a lot for continuing guiding every bit of my action in Zamfara state.

This is the second in the series of briefings relating to dialogue and peace initiative initiated by the commissioner of police zamfara state in conjunction with the state government. In my first briefing, I promised that my stewardship will be that of engagement and interaction with all the stakeholders in the state in order to nip in the bud all forms of militia groups, armed banditry and other act of savagery in zamfara state. I also stated that my priority will be community participation and interaction in achieving peace in the state. This is because, policing in the modern world, in this age of technology where the world has become a global village, community partnership and intelligence led policing approach is more than necessary.

Thus, I started engaging the government and Traditional rulers, seeking their advises on many topical issues confronting the state. The state government were the first to be consulted since all the necessary logistic and moral support are to be provided by the government.

On 20th June, 2019, I met with the leaders of Vigilante, Yansakai, and Civilian JTF drawn from all the 14 LGAs of the state and all other militia groups associated with these groups. at J B yakubu Secretariat, Gusau. The meeting was the watershed and the last straw that broke the camel back in paving the for peace in the state, because all the leaders that hitherto militarized, rescinded their ill- conceived notoriety of attacking fulanis in market places, recreational areas and amusement parks in the whole of zamfara state. In that meeting, their attention was drawn to the fact that their activities have crippled the economic situation in the state, both human and capital resources. Emphasis was also placed on the need to maintain peace amongst themselves since they are related either by ancestral background or marriages. These leaders  promised to lay down their arms and embrace peace. They also urged Fulanis to visit all places in the state where they normally do their pastoral and marketing activities. Since then, the police command has not received any report where Fulanis were attacked or killed. The market and grazing activities are going on smoothly according to plan.

As a follow up to the meeting held with the Yansakai, and in order not to be seen as one sided, on 24th June, 2019, we invited all the cultural association of the Fulanis that comprised Miyatti Allah, Sarakunan Fulani and Ardos for a similar meeting and interaction  at the same Secretariat. The meeting was attended by all the leaders drawn from same 14 LGAs and beyond. These cultural associations expressed their bitterness on the way they were deprived of their ancestral lands, grazing reserves and marketing activities in the state. In fact,  they were not only seen as second class citizens but an unwanted creation that deserved to be killed or maimed. In this interaction that was attended by government officials as they did in the first, the meeting was another breakthrough in achieving an immutable and enduring peace in the state. I assured them that, we have set in place a very formidable security architecture in the state to guarantee their peace, security and prosperity. Subsequent event, provide a wisdom in holding this meeting. The Fulanis immediately held a meeting among themselves and came out with mini committees in different sectors to contact their kinsmen that engaged in banditry activities. The resultant effect of this was the stoppage of banditry activities by about 98 percent in the state.

To crown it all, on 2nd July, 2019, both vigilante, Yansakai, Civilian JTF, Miyatti Allah, Sarakunan Fulani and Ardos were called at the same time, same venue in order to recipe the warring factions. In this meeting, and the interaction, the Governor and all Security Council members in the state were in attendance. The meeting no doubt brought out tempers, grievances, and in some cases insinuations of one group against the other. At the end if the day, they all agreed that Zamfara state is at the receiving end of their egocentric tendencies. They then forgive and embrace each other. The Governor His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Bello Matawallen Maradun rolled out series of what government intends to do in terms of grazing reserves, roads and other laudable programs that will finally nip the crises in the bud. In all these, the intellectual dexterity and oratorial prowess of His Excellency impacted positively in achieving peace in the state.

The first sign that peace is returning to the state was the beginning of  exchange of captives between Yansakai militia groups and the bandits. On 4th July, 2019,  I led a team to Dansadau where twenty five (25) Fulanis who have been held captives fie up to 4 months were released unconditionally to me at the palace of Emir of Dansadau. The reaction of the bandits in this gesture was phenomenal.

In the same vein, on 5th July, 2019, I also led a team to Shinkafi where i successfully negotiated the release of fifteen (15)  Hausas who were also held in captivity by armed bandits. They were also released without a dime been paid to their abductors.

On 7th July 2019, eleven (11) additional captives who were held at Gidan dawa and kamarawa in both Kaura Namoda and Shinkafi LGAs were released to me. This brings the total number of people that secured their freedom through the committee to fifty one (51) men, women and children.

Another significant impact of this dialogue is that , it paves the  way for my interaction with almost all the bandits either face to face,  through pone calls or proxies. This has assisted me to dictate the tune of the dialogue. The persuasion and energetic pleading dig deep into their nerves in taking such actions  that have positive consequences. The Governor of the state has officially , even though not yet inaugurated , appointed me the chairman of dialogue, reconciliation, disarmament and amnesty of the devastations and callous killing in the state that is inconceivable.

In retrospect, I intended not to pause even for an inch in continuing dialogue. This is because, experience has shown that failure to act when the iron is hot will not help the cause of achieving peace in Zamfara state.

Currently, we are engaging them more on the release of more captives. Very soon, about twenty six (26) captives will be released by the grace of God. We have our contact committees that are discussing with them and the report we received is encouraging.

The next phase of dialogue after we secured the release of all captives will be disarming and collection of all riffles and other sophisticated weapons that are in the hands of both local militias and the bandits. Happily, one person has just given two (2) riffles to the National chairman of Miyatti Allah. He is about to bring them to me as a sign of seriousness of the part of the bandits.

Finally, I most appreciate His Excellency Dr. Muhammadu Bello Matawallen Maradun for being available to me and other contact committees at all the times. This shows his commitment to fulfill all the promises he made to the good people of Zamfara state. I will not end this briefing without commending the National chairman of Miyatti Allah, Allah Muhammadu Ardon Zuru for being participative in this peace process. Similar appreciation also goes to to the two (2) warring parties for keeping to the peace accord and i enjoin them to sustain the tempo. I urged the press to continue with more vigour, zeal and enthusiasm in reporting facts with unbiased mind and sense of professionalism, please.