Veteran Imo Broadcaster Doles out Palliatives

Veteran IMO Broadcaster,  Mr. Chimezie Ndukaku, has towed the line of IMO state government in cushioning the effects of the covid19 stay at home directives, to stop the spread of the virus.

In a private post today on his WhatsApp handle, Mr. Chimezie Ndukaku said he has waived two months of house rent to the tenants in his house. Mr. Chimezie Ndukaku who anchored the popular program on radio (Eche na Madu wu Ewu) tasked other landlords in IMO state to follow suit, so as to reduce the sufferings the shut down has placed on Nigerians and Ndi IMO in particular.

He said "to God be the  glory. I have granted 2 months free rent to the 5 Tenants of the 5 Flats in my house at the water logged Onwujiariri St,  Umuofor, Egbu (opposite Christina Hospital) ie March & April to help them cushion the effects of Covid-19 and also in the spirit of Easter."

He therefore called on other landlords to do likewise. By assisting one another, which will be to help our Govt and as well please God with our resources he said.

He prayed God to help Ndi IMO, as they assist others in various ways, through their privileged positions. He said "Kindness is not a sign of wealth. Some people are poor but wicked, the avoidable increase in the price of food items is however regrettable and shows that kindness is not associated with wealth but comes from the heart"