Editorial: Task before ministers

The side attractions that followed the nomination, screening and confirmation of ministerial nominees, who have so far been screened by the DSS, and the Nigerian Senate, leaves no one in doubt that the presidency, is bent on getting the best hands  in the country, to pilot the affairs of government and governance in the next four years.
The question,  if he has gotten the best hands, will soon be put to test, when these ministers are giving their portfolios today. The failure or success of this administration, however lies greatly on the performance or non performance of these ministers, whom to many were not the saints, that, where however envisaged for the President Burhari led administration, because of the various statements accredited to the president, on his fight against corruption and  impunity in government, which has been the order of the day in past administrations in the country.
Though some of the ministerial appointees have one or two alleged corruption charges  hanging on their necks, its not our beat to adjudge them guilty or not. The court of law should do that. It is however, evident that the Buhari administration has chosen to play along party lines, which is basically built around the winner takes it all syndrome.
The president has the prerogative to appoint, and choose those  he wants to work with. That the constitution stipulates , but giving them tasks and targets to achieve  will also be to the overall interest of Nigerians.
Since the present administration’s mantra of change is the driving force behind governance in the country today, these ministers should as a matter of fact,  learn how to do things in a different manner, aware from the old ways of impunity. The ministers should note,  that the days of squandering of the nation’s resources in the name of governance is over, as Nigeria must tow a path of managing its resources for the overall benefit of its citizenry.  The task before these ministers are daunting, as they will basically met the rot in the system, no matter the sector they may be allotted to man as ministers, be it in education, finance, aviation, works and transport, housing, foreign affairs, internal affairs, health  just name it. There is need for them to address the  rot in the system   headlong, with proactive polices going by the fact that most of them have seen it all, if they are to make any head way. This is so, because most of the people in the system they will met, as workers in their various allotted ministries,  have gotten used to the old ways of doing things,  in this country which is wrong.  We advise that the ministers should ensure that they deal with corruption tendencies that have existed in the past, which made it possible for leakages from government purse, into private hands.  Nigeria is a blessed nation, and if corruption is tackled head long, the issue of poverty, or marginalisation as is the case in some quarters will be addressed once and for all. The ministers should formulate policies that will look at the best way of handling or  stopping subsidies for petroleum products, which has been a conduit pipe to siphon  funds, over the years at the detriment of ordinary Nigerians.
The change mantra, this time should be seen at work, and not just by lip service. The ministers should led by example, which will in turn endear them and the ruling party to the people. Polices that concern the poor in this country should be taken into consideration. The state of our roads nationwide should be looked at. The government should  fashion ways at making them motorable, while looking at other means of transportation. The educational sector should be harnessed to train and graduate Nigerians,  who can compete with their counterparts  from any part of world. Our vocational centers should be revived  to help support the technological drive which is the main stay of world economies like Japan, Russia, Uk and others. They should remember that as they are sworn in today, they have been entrusted with the hopes, and aspirations of many  Nigerians, and their performance or non performance can only be the apparatus by which Nigerians will access the APC and the present government. We congratulate them as they assume their various offices, and pray that God gives them wisdom to pilot the affairs of the country for the overall  well being of Nigerians.