Living Faith Church Nnewi fingered in acts of intimidation, injustice and abuse of fundamental human rights.

The living faith Church Nnewi branch, has been fingered in acts of intimidation, injustice and blatant abuse of the fundamental human rights of Dr Samuel Ojiako and family, who are foundation members of the church in Anambra state.

As the fourth estate of the realm, this newspaper company took it upon itself to carefully investigate the matter for over a month now, which has led to many findings of what the matter is, and what actually transpired. We are not a court of law neither are we standing in for anyone, but for the abuse melted out to the children.

We gathered through our correspondent who was an eye witness, at the scene of, Dr Ojiako's children locked out, at their school, Kingdom Heritage Model Schools, Nnewi, which precisely happened on the 17th of January 2019.

For reasons of clarity we investigated, and found out that accusing fingers pointed at the school management and the Church Nnewi, for either  lacking the professional ethics of human management, in school and church administration, or refused to act based on negligence and hatred.

 We found out that the genesis of the problem was because Dr Ojiako stood in their way of an intended N17 million naira fraud, which he foiled, as the Chairman of the building committee of Kingdom Heritage Model Schools Nnewi, based on the over belated estimates.

We also found out that the intimidation of the young man and family was based on his conviction about the Doctrines of the church which is enshrined on the church's document called the MANDATE, which lays down processes and procedures to be followed in the administration of the church,little did he know that he was on his own,and every means was used to frustrate him, but what broke the camel's back was the expulsion of his children, who know nothing about the power and faith tussle.

The last three weeks have been horrific for the family of Dr Samuel Ojiako and wife who have been tormented psychologically by the church they built from the scratch, a church that was supposed to be a standing and good example to others.

Nigerian Notch authoritatively gathered, that all that was stated in the expulsion letter of the three kids for non payment of school fees and harassment of Miss Nwuye were calculated plans to victimize their parents, as Dr Ojiako has paid his children school fees up to 2nd term, inclusive of the 3 pupils on scholarship which he also pays for every term.

It is however regrettable that the matter was taken too far by involving the children and their mother in matter that would have been settled amicably by the Church, which supervises the school. The lockout did not stop at the school but continued at church services, as Mrs Chinyere Ojiako and children were locked out from attending church service on the 17th of February 2019, on the instruction of Pastor Uzomah, the resident pastor.

To worsen the lock out, of the children, the resident pastor of the Church, Pastor Osorbone Uzomah gave orders, as we gathered, that Dr Ojiako and family should be locked out from attending church services, on Sundays, which was resisted by Dr Ojiako for two sundays now, with the help of Otolo Police Station Nnewi. This is a violation of his fundamental human rights of freedom of association.

To this end, this newspaper sort to have Pastor Uzomah's reaction to these supposed allegations against him, but he called it bluff and said " I am not talking to anyone, and I maintain my stand"

We had no other alternative than to do a proper investigation on the remote,and immediate cause of these crisis, starting with Mrs Isioma Adebayo, who is the Chairperson of the school board. She defended the position of the school without any justification, on why the children were expelled even when they have paid their school fees, and one of the kids will be taking common entrance examination this march, and cannot register elsewhere.

Without recourse to the sacrifice the Ojiako family has taken to ensure the building and growth of the school, she stressed that Dr Ojiako is lying against and they have video footage of what happened on the said day.

Further investigations as revealed by Peace Nwakor, the foundation secretary and bursar of the school who resigned this January, has it that the reasons for the victimization of Dr Ojiako and family was his unwavering stand on the truth.

Peace Nwakor,further stated the injustice that led to her resignation was as a result of the poor management of the school, as against the reasons given in the letter of the purported expulsion of the kids,which stated that Mrs Ojiako has been taking the teachers to the police and terrorizing the school. Peace Nwakor, went on to say that every narrative by the school management was to ensure that Dr Ojiako is put out of circulation in the church to enable them have their way, as he was a pain in the ass for them.

On the allegations that Dr Ojiako embezzled funds for the school building, she laughed and said that facts are sacrosanct as Dr Ojiako was refunded the funds he spent on the school building which is on record and wondered why they will want to go to that length.

She said that most of the problems they had in the school was generated by Mrs Isioma Adebayo who is in the habit of poaching the school good teachers to the school were she is teaching which is God's wisdom schools, a situation that made KHMS Nnewi  lose over 12 teachers in a very short space.

She said that the real reason she left KHMS was because she brought to the notice of the board that the wife of the former Pastor,Pastor Moses Folurusho was receiving salary without doing any work, which she objected to but was shouted down by the husband, who vowed to remove her from the school, no matter what it will cost him, so for peace to reign she resigned.

Probing further into the matter, we gathered that the real reason Mrs Ojiako went to the police and the family lawyer was to protect her children who were more or less being bullied even when a doctor's report on the children health status was given to the school management, on a fractured kneel cap, which still has scars on it, though the school management claimed ignorance.

It is however unacceptable by every standard that a member, so to say, a foundation member of the church will be treated in such manner. We are not his spokesperson or attorney but we believe in the fundamental human rights of Nigerian citizens. The leadership problems we have today in the country is as a result of, decayed moral standards which is now living in the church.

Have we ever paused to think what implications these action of the school and church will play on the lives of these little angels whose only reason for getting such a repudiated and repulsive reception in our Nigeria of today is because their father wants to fight corruption in the church.

It is an ugly scene for one to be refused access into any place of worship in the country, more so, one that you painstakingly built from the scratch.

We believe as stated in the Holy Bible that God is not an author of confusion, and we also believe that Living Faith Church (AKA Winners Chapel) has a human face especially to children, who are the future of our tomorrow.

We want to use this medium as the fourth estate of the realm to call on Bishop Oyedepo to critically look into the issue at hand before some myopic and unrepentant wolves in your flock cast aspersions on the church.

Your timely intervention will save the school, the church and families that will be affected if this squabbles goes on in that branch, as we gathered that the school has been registered but not approved by Anambra state ministry of Education, you can check the records.

We will be pleased to know, if the church is meant for certain people, or if Dr Ojiako, wife and children do not deserve an unreserved apology from Living Faith Church Nnewi Branch, for the embarrassment and psychological trauma, they have caused the children because of their greed and selfishness. We will be dropping the pen for now but we will not relent to reveal more information we gathered if this matter is not handled to the interest of these children.


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