Otolo Youth Forum, has endorsed the candidature of Dr Obinna Ngonadi of YPP, for the forthcoming House of assembly election, for Nnewi North state constituency.

In a communiqué issued at Otolo Nnewi today, and signed by the Chairman, Godwin Ayasa, states thus.

Having analysed the forthcoming house of assembly election, with its peculiarities and the direction which Nnewi and it's stakeholders have taken, we as a group have no other option than to cue into the direction of light, which is the candidature of Dr Obinna Ngonadi and the YPP.

Continuing, they stressed that since their brother Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Uba, having won the senatorial seat under YPP, there is need to support Dr Obinna Ngonadi of YPP so that the dividends of democracy can filter into Nnewi, for the development of our community, as he is a tested and trusted brand.

They further stated that, hence Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Uba,who is the senator elect

and Dr Cletus Ibeto is solidly behind the candidature of Dr Obinna Ngonadi, there is need for Ndi Nnewi to key in, so that they won't waste their votes on the 9th of March 2019, they concluded