Chief Amaobi Nnoruka Completes 8 years Tenure as Chairman Nnewi Butchers Association ....... Task FG to Forget the Issue of Cattle Colony in the South East.

Chief Amaobi Nnoruka, the Chairman of Nnewi Butchers Association has completed his 8 years tenure as the chairman of the association, has conducted election  and will hand over soon.

In this exclusive interview with him at his country home, he highlights on the success stories of his administration and challenges facing the association in Nnewi. The issue of Fulani Vigilantee in the South East, cattle colony and others.

What is your name Sir.

Ans: I am Chief Amaobi Nnoruka ( Ogbuefi Okwuanasoanya Nnewi) I am from Okponuegbu in Umudim Nnewi, Anambra State.

Can you tell us, how it has been this eight years, as the chairman of this association.

Ans: The eight years of my administration has been fruitful, notwithstanding the many challenges we experienced in the market as butchers.

Sir, what positions have you held before this immediate past position as the Chairman Nnewi Butchers Association.

Ans: I have held other sensitive positions in Nnewi. I was the first general commander of Nkwo Nnewi central Vigilantee, I have also headed the security apparatus in my community, I have served also with Unudim Central Security before Nnewi asked me to head Nkwo Nnewi Central Vigilantee. I have also piloted the affairs of Okponuegbu Youths Movement for eight years as Chairman. I have trained 6 people on free education who are from my community.

What are the challenges of Butchers in Anambra state.

Ans: It's not about boasting, but the truth is, Nnewi Butchers Association is the best in the state, because as Chairman, I made sure things were done in a way that is civil and prominent. Through being clean, good governance and unity. In the South East, Anambra ranks highest in the proper delivery of whole some meat for human consumption and Nnewi is first. I made sure that activities of Butchers from Nnewi topped the list, and if I wanted to contest to become the president of the association in the state it will be easy for me, but I am not interested in it, as I want to rest, and look into the affairs of my family and community, so as to be able to harness other areas that need my attention.

In your eight years as the Chairman of Nnewi Butchers Association, what areas would you say your leadership impacted positively in the lives of your members.

Ans: When I became the Chairman of Nnewi Butchers Association, I found out that we were lagging behind in some many aspects of administration. I was the person that went to CAC Abuja and ensured that the association was registered which gave the association full rights and privileges as an association. I made sure government recognized the association. Though the butchers in Nnewi are inside in the market which is not accessible, I tried my best to make sure that the world know where we are through so many awareness and intervention projects of my adminstration. In the area of security I made sure that the place was safe, as that is my specialty. This has made it impossible for thieves to near our our market. The theft in some other areas where cows are sold can't happen in Nnewi because I made sure there is adequate security for our cows in the market. I made sure that I maintained a clean environment at our slaughter house, which translates to the meat we eat. I insisted that any meat that must be slaughtered should be fit, knowing that I am from Nnewi and will not want my brothers and sisters  to have any issue as a result of the meat they buy from us in Nnewi.

Sir, will your association welcome the building of a standard abbatior in Nnewi

Ans: This has always been our dream to have and run the best abbatior in the South East. It is our wish that government or private investors can look into that direction. Its unfortunate that in the past many investors even government have came to set up one but to no avail, but we will be happy if we have a standard abbatior. We have need for an abbatior. If it's also possible that government can relocate us from where we are now to another place, we will welcome it,as we do not have the requisite infrastructure to run the abbatior as what we have at present is just a slaughter house. We are up to date with our levies, and will want the government to look into the welfare of Butchers because what we do, which will help stop our sufferings.

The issue of asking for Fulani Vigilantee attachment in our Security apparatus in the South East, how do you view it?

Ans: It will not help us in the South East, because it will not bring peace to the South East. The truth is that the government is insensitive to the plight of the citizenry, or does not understand the implications of this idea. Security is local, and for security to be effective, the locals must be an integral part of it. It will not help us as a nation,state or local government.

What advise do you have for government on the how to better security of lives and property in Anambra State.

Ans: Without the locals, no security structure can be strong and formidable. I advise that government should use those at the villages to ensure the security of lives and property as they are the ones that know the route of criminal elements, as an imported security man cannot do much to help. They should be the ones who are known in the community by the PG and Igwes. There stipends should as well be given to them to ensure they are encouraged to do their work.

What are your challenges at the market?

There are many things we need in the market. We need good access road and light in the market. We will also be happy if the government will  relocate us to a better place.

What do you want the new administration at the national and state to do for you in the market.

Ans: This is the first time in the history of Nnewi, were Nnewi Indigenes are at the state legislature, Federal House and the Senate. I want to task them to solve the problem of erosion meance, and upgrade our roads in the market. It will be a thing of joy.

Your eight years was fruitful who do you our your appreciation to??

Ans. I want to thank in a special way Late Chief Felix Mohalghu, who was an instrument in the hand of God, that was used to discover me. I want to also thank Sir Felix Okechukwu, who is a father and mentor to me. I want to thank members of the market and the football club. I was to thank former DPO of CPS Egbochukwu for the awards he gave me. I also want to thank fomer Area Commander ACP Chinedu Emenagha, PCRC, Uruagu and Umudim and the whole Nnewi that gave me all there trust to serve them, which I did to the best of my capacity without sheeding blood in any form. I thank Nnewi for the trust they reposed in me and if there is anything they want me to do for them, I will do it with my whole heart.