Prophet Chidi Anene proffers remedy for the cure of Corona Virus

Prophet Chidi Anene( Akanwemadu) has proffered a remedy that will help cure and flush out the corona virus. In this interview with Echezona Okafor in at his country home in Nnewi, he reviled the remedy for the cure of corona virus. He asked that the world should test and also confirm it.

He stressed that the remedy was reviled to him in a dream. He however asked the country Italy to stop re writing the bible, that God is not happy with them, the reason the virus came hard on the country. He also asked the country to make peace with Israel to further stop the calamity. 

On the remedy he proffered, he asked that US doctors should test it, because he is aware that Nigerian health workers will doubt it. He said that he is also ready to prove it if contacted. Watch the video for the full details.