FG Lockdown: What are the provisions for the poor?

FG told People to stay at home without provisions, many will suffer from hunger... How about the POOR? How about those who can't feed their families except they go out in a day?

40 million Nigerians have BVN verified bank accounts. It will cost the FG only a little to pay ₦250k into each account so Nigerians can buy food for themselves and their families during the #CoronaVirus lockdown.

 If Nigeria can budget ₦150 billion for a National Assembly of less than 500 legislators, then why can’t we spend in paying each of the over 40 million Nigerian BVN linked account ₦250k to cushion the effects of #COVID19? We should not only share money during election, let's take a cue from what other countries are doing to save humanity

Federal government should support every citizen with some money

You have been taking from us for long, its time for the FG to give back to us

Don't be WICKED, because it may have far reaching implications.

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