Market Leader stops construction of shops on top of drainages , introduce weekly sanitation exercise,


By Oge Onyeanusi, Onitsha

The newly appointed caretaker Chairman of Ogbaru Relief Market, Chief Ndubuisi Ochiogu has ordered immediate stoppage of construction of new shops in some parts of the market.

Ochiogu who gave the order shortly on assumption of office, lamented that most of the shops were being erected on top of drainages, thereby creating a serious environmental problem in the market.

He xepressed concern that his successor allowed the shops to be constructed without the approval of the State Commissioner for Commerce, Markets and Wealth Creation, Chief Uchenna Okafor (Wiper).

He also decried the volume of garbages produced on daily basis by some market women selling vegetables at the nearby shoe market which they thereafter emptied into the drainages surrounding the market premises and warned the vegetable sellers to stop dumping the garbages into the drainages.

He constituted a sanitation committee for the market and charged them to move into action with immediate effect to ensure that all the drainages surrounding the market are cleaned to gesallow free flow of water and at the same time keep the market tidy.

He also ensure that waste are properly and timely disposed in the market , which he has taken necessary step to carry every traders along in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a cleaner and healther environment.

Speaking in their separate speech, the three line chairman of Ogbaru Main Market Mr.Wisdom Uchenna Obasi , Chinyere Nwammadu and Christopher, said that the essence of sanitation exercise was to remove some waste blocking some gutter and also to create awareness of cleanlines among the traders as well complement the effort of Anambra State Government in maintaining clean nvironment.

Accoding to them , they have an environmental committee  that sensitized oor traders on a importance of keeping the market clean , added that since neatness is next to goodliness, added that the traders have decided to keep the market clean through the great effort of of their Market Chairman , Mr. Ndubisi Ochiogu .

Furthermore., they cautioned against putting any dirty material inside the gutter and warned any traders caught as defaulter will face the offence.