By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A



He that breaks an ant-infested firewood invites the lizards to a feast. The head the hits the bee comb invites the bee to sting it. Whatever a person gathers together with his broom, he should pack off. What a person sows same he must reap. To obey is better than to sacrifice!

The immediate past governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, physically appears a gentleman. What with his unique attires that accords him the mien of an Arabian prince! Ironically, however, his aggressive character and conduct betray his gentle looks. His greatest undoing being his self-confessed disregard and disrespect for rule of law and due process.

A good leader should be a man of good character and good conduct. A good leader must be a disciple and apostle of rule of law and due process. He must be a advocate of discipline and orderliness. He must be courteous, respectful and respectable. He must be organized, focused and progressive.

Incidentally, Ex-governor Rochas Okorocha has sinned and fallen short of the glory of good character and good conduct. His disobedience to the instructions and directives of the Government of Imo State, that the ex-governor, his family, his aides and agents should return all government property in their possession back to the Government House, is a testimony of his worship of lawlessness and impunity.

As a subscriber to the principles of cause and effect, I am convinced that Rochas, his wife and daughter, aides and agents won't be slapped and molested, as they claim, if they had obeyed the simple instructions and directives before the arrival, at their homes, shops and warehouses, of the Ndubuaku Committee on Recovery of Moveable Property Belonging to the Government of Imo State.

It's now running viral in the public domain that daily various properties stolen from the Government of Imo State are found in the shops and homes of Rochas, his wife, his daughter, his in-law, his aides and agents. Men of the Nigeria Police and relevant security agencies are always with the Ndubuaku Committee to ascertain the veracity of the presence of those stolen property belonging to the Government of Imo State in the homes, shops and warehouses, farms etc of the ex-governor and his people.

From my last checks, the doors and windows of government are still open for Rochas and Company to return whatever government property that are still in their homes, shops and warehouses. That would make easier and lessen the work of the Hon. Jasper Ndubuaku Committee. That would also lessen the burden of the alleged slaps, harassments and embarrassments suffered by Rochas and Company.

Instructively, it must be reiterated that Gov. Ihedioha will never endorse any illegality while institutionalizing the culture of legality in Imo State. To that extent, let it be known that Gov. Ihedioha has not directed anybody to slap, harass or embarrass anybody in the course of recovering properties stolen from the Government of Imo State.

However, it must be simultaneously noted that Gov. Ihedioha has also not directed the recovery team to shy away and restrain from recovering any identified stolen Imo government property because the thief is resisting the recovery.

Rather, what Gov. Ihedioha stands for is regard and respect for rule of law and due process. That means mutual respect from both Rochas and Company and the Ndubuaku Committee.

There's ample evidence that Imo people are angry with Rochas and Company. Imo people feel comprehensively raped by Rochas and Company. Hence, they are too eager to vent their spleens on the thieves of Imo people's property who resist the recovery of the properties. There also lies the admonition, "to obey is better than sacrifice"!

Since the Committee always moves with the relevant law enforcement agencies, it must be conscious of perpetrating legalities instead of illegalities in the course of their work.

Apparently, it's Rochas and Company that turn the process of recovery of government property in their custody into a tragi-comedy with stories of alleged slaps, harassments and embarrassments by Imo people.

That brings us back to my opening axioms, all of which points out that nothing happens for nothing. There's cause and effect. It's expected that in the coming days, Rochas and Company should begin to voluntarily return and submit to the Government of Imo State all the remaining government properties in their homes, shops, warehouses, farms and any other such secret confinements.

That and only that will save them the avoidable and preventable alleged slaps, harassments and embarrassment from highly provoked and very aggrieved Imo people. It's now "Operation return your loot, then relax and rest"!

*Nwadike is the Special Assistant on Research to the Governor of Imo State. Sms/WhatsApp only 08106819304.