MASSOB/BIM warns of Impending Shutting of Commercial Activities in Anambra Calls on Governor Willie Obiano to intervene

The leadership of MASSOB in Anambra state has called on the government
of Anambra state, lead by Chief Wille Obiano to direct Justice Otti,of Ogidi  High court to henceforth release their members who have been held in detention without trial for the last 4 years.
Chief Arinze Igbani made this call recently at Ekwulobia, where he led
other MASSOB members to a protest march, which was peaceful to ensure that their members who has been held captive without trail in various prisons in the state are released. He said that he is giving the state
government one week to release unconditionally their members who are innocent or else they will mobilize there members throughout the state for a peacefully

He however called on Amnesty International and other Civil Rights Organizations in Nigeria and beyond to come to their aid, in fighting injustice that has been melted out to their group, because of the fight against injustice which MASSOB/BIM is known for. 
He called on Chief Willie Obiano to come into the matter now,  its not yet late to forstall the invasion of MASSOB/BIM members all over the state, which may likely crumble commercial activities in the state.
He went on to state that MASSOB/BIM has no hand in calling for the boycott of the forthcoming elections in Anambra state, and called for justice to prevail on their matter, with regards to setting free their members who have been held captive unconditionally, as they have met the bail conditions for their release.