By Obi Bright Chinweuba

My attention has been drawn to the infantile, crazy and delusory piece on Facebook and WhatsApp groups, wherein the media hirelings of Princess Miriam Onuoha and her cohorts, out of sheer jealousy, decided to show their emptiness ladened with vacuousness and repugnance towards the person of Hon Engr Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri. Normally, I wouldn’t have wasted my time by replying the beleaguered and uninformed delusional Umunnachi born APC candidate and her cohorts, but to set the records straight for the reading public as well as to debunk the dimwit’s misleading claims that Okigwe north has received in excess of 4BILLION Naira as constituency project(s).

In the wake of their puerile wanton media attacks against the representation of Hon Obinna Onwubuariri, it is noteworthy to address the accusation(s) raised for the understanding of the reading public. Firstly, the forager and her campaign team accused the lawmaker of not attending to plenaries in National Assembly. This accusation partly reads “How do you expect a man who does not attend plenaries in National assembly to perform in House of representatives? Every time He is either at Berger Lagos attending to his Hotel business or in Port Harcourt clubbing, and How do we expect such legislator to perform?”

Another of their accusation in the ill worded article which came thus “How do you expect someone who is not vocal, someone that cannot even express himself or address his Constituency do magic in the House of representative?”.

Not satisfied yet, the rabid rouser and her media slanderers continued with their third accusation saying that “How do you expect an Honorable member that finds it difficult to settle people that worked for him as we heard and read on social media, people that took risk for him and did every dirty/clean job just to ensure his emergence before to deliver his campaign promises to his constituents?”

Not done with their barrage of accusations, the jejune brained media hirelings of Mrs/Miss Princess Onuoha yesterday asserted also that “Hon Engr Obinna has received over 4billion Naira for constituency projects during his first representation”.

Just as Marcus Tullius Ceciro puts it that “As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes and threats of heaven and sea, himself standing unmoved.

It is rather a heavy joke that some drunk graphic editors will sit beside their laptop and fabricate lies that a legislator under the Buhari led regime that literally fought the National Assembly, will allow a legislator get up to 4 billion to spend on capital projects, even when the said constituency projects was stopped in 2016 when the issue of Budget Padding trended for the wrong reasons? Again, Miss/Mrs princess and her cohorts need not lie like idiots to curry home a point, as there was no such money/monies released for those acclaimed projects in the federal constituency.

Secondly, Miss/Mrs Princess and her cohorts has in different Ill worded publications accused the Hon Obinna of not attending to plenaries; what a ludicrous way of announcing their abyss-depth ignorance? That HON. ENGR. OBINNA KINGSLEY ONWUBUARIRI has moved a total of thirteen (13) important motions, sponsored ten (10) human faced bills and helped his constituents resolve errors and misdeeds done on them through petitions numbering about six (6). How could the lawmaker achieve this feat in legislative business if he doesn’t attend plenaries? One could have asked if one can sit for another, but in the National Assembly, things are not done that way. This leaves the readers begging for the sanity of Miss/Mrs Princess and her media hirelings, who has through their various fake news platforms showed signs of ignorance and lunacy.

Like Plato also opined that “Wise men speak because they have something to say, Fools because they have to say something.” The nitwitted Miss/Mrs Princess and her media hirelings averred that her federal lawmaker doesn’t know how to express himself in public. A joke taken too far right? With more than thirty town-hall meetings in Okigwe North alone, as well as his indelible contributions on the floor of the National Assembly, can one in her right senses acclaim that her lawmaker doesn’t know how to express himself in public?

Adler Shannon hinted that “people that have trust issues only need to look in the mirror. There they will meet the one person that will betray them the most”. That Miss/Mrs Princess Onuoha, through her media hirelings; accusing HON OBINNA ONWUBUARIRI of not paying his workers and those who Labour(ed) for him is a fallacy and a distorted fact. While trying to curry undue sympathy over the imbroglio and entanglement over her new found chihuahua attack dog (ACHIEVER ONYELIKE DARLINGTON) frosty working-relationship with his former boss, is cynical and unprofessional. By the records, the chihuahua attack dog was served every bone he deserved.

Just like Dr. Martin Luther Kings also posited that there is nothing more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, Some of Miss/Mrs Princess Onuoha’s accusation of Hon. Obinna as been redundant and docile at the 8th assembly is not only unfounded, childish talking and stupid, but undeserving and biased. Their accusation is so baseless that asserted that neither had the lawmaker moved a single motion nor sponsored a bill. Added to their degenerative ignorance of foraying into calumny, they also stated that the lawmaker is not accessible, compromising and recalcitrant in keeping to promises.

It will interest Miss/Mrs Princess herein to know that Honorable Obinna have done noble in engaging his constituents in relevant government settings, ministries and parastatals as well as been the most accessible parliamentarian in record time as of Okigwe north federal constituency. These and more are the information her juvenile writer lacks, but I wish he can realize that facts speaks for itself (Res Ipsa Loquito).

1. In military employment as opposed by their ridiculous posts, entry is not just a matter of application, it is majorly a matter of “Who is behind whom?,”  given that the spaces are highly limited. With his membership of the House Committee on Defence and his closeness to the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Obinna has been able to secure seamless entry into the army of our constituents who applied for enlistment. By last count, our brothers and sisters in the military through Hon. Obinna’s humble self and modest effort are thirteen. These number cut across the three local governments in our constituency” Honorable affirmed in a recent press briefing.

2. That Miss/Mrs Princess Onuoha and her cohorts can aver that Hon Obinna is redundant in recruitment are mediocrely unaware of the hurdles in the APC led Government. They forgot that recruitment into the civil service has not particularly been easily accessible to the Legislature as it was under the PDP administrations, where National Assembly Members are automatically guaranteed spaces for their constituents as a matter of course. Now, under the current administration, recruitment is opaque and most unfavorable to SE and SS lawmakers. Yes, I must emphasis a majority of those of the lawmakers that are from this part of the country – irrespective of political party - are having it rough with fixing their people into the federal civil service. However, notwithstanding the current method in place, Hon. Obinna has been able to secure the entry into the civil service of fourteen sons and daughters from Okigwe north federal constituency and they are into strategic places like the DSS, FIRS, Ministries, etc. Outside the civil service, Hon. Obinna has been able to secure about 50 appointments for our people into the private sector (banks, etc) whilst leveraging his personal contacts and reaches in that sector.

3. On physical infrastructure, the Uga/Oba/Okigwe road received the attention of NDDC after a motion was moved on the road by Hon. Obinna and Co at the floor of the house. To also help provide good amenities to constituents, the Honorable started building several toilets and boreholes in strategic areas to curb the unavailability of public toilets and good pipe borne water. Although some roads and school block infrastructure were provided for in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Budget but, unfortunately, government has not mobilized the contractors to site due to cash crunch.

4. Also in the list of Honorable Obinna’s achievement and legislative inputs are the seventeen (17) revitalized Primary Health Centres (PHC) scattered across the three (3) LGA’s in Okigwe north.

5. On the provision of electricity and electrification materials, Hon. Obinna facilitated the connection to the national grid, 17 communities in Onuimo LGA, 3 communities in Isiala Mbano LGA and 8 communities in Okigwe LGA through the Rural Electrification Agency. He equally doled out more than twenty five (25) 3KVA transformers and substations to needing communities to end their perennial years of darkness. The ongoing 40 borehole project which will cut across every political ward in Okigwe north is also a pet project of the parliamentarian.

6. As required by law that a lawmaker should periodically avail himself to the people he represents, Hon. Obinna has hosted several town hall meetings to interact with those he represents their mandates, as to chart a new course as well as listening to their plights and suggestions.

7. In the primary legislative duties of a lawmaker, Hon. Obinna has within this period of his tenure sponsored ten human faced bills and moved 13 nationally recognized motions that are geared towards tackling and redressing identified problems within our federal constituency- Isiala Mbano/Onuimo/Okigwe federal constituency, Imo State and Nigeria at large.

8. On Human empowerment and trainings, Hon. Obinna realized that the number seeking to be engaged into regular paid jobs by far out-numbered the vacancies available, therefore he conceived it a better idea to provide skills that will enable young constituents earn income through independent engagement. In this regard, he fashioned programmes that will train/retrain our school leavers with practical skills that will enhance their productivity, better service delivery, earn income, create jobs for others and enhance their livelihoods. To this end, he personally engaged trainers and skills providers from competent institutions of government and the private sector to train our youths. And as at the last count, 140 have been trained from Onuimo, 155 from Okigwe and 190 from Isiala Mbano LGAs. In that exercise women and the youths were trained in the manufacture, sales and servicing of household domestic products. In addition, handsome honoraria were paid to the trainees for their time and concentration. The beneficiaries have made maximum use of the skills acquired and financial assistance gained from these programmes, as they have become employers of labor.

9. Having carefully stated the above with justifiable and on-ground facts, I bid the erring beleaguered Miss/Mrs Princess and her juvenile media hirelings to investigate thoroughly or henceforth be met with the penalties associated with libel, slander and public defamation.