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Arrest Senator Rochas Okorocha now or release Joshua Dariye and ex-governor Jolly Nyame -Northern group demands

Some concerned northerners on Friday in Kaduna asked the regime of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, to arrest a former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, or release ex-governors Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame in Correctional Centres over corruption charges. The group under the aegis of Concerned Northern Forum, a coalition of other organizations, also asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to commence the prosecution of the former governor over alleged corruption. One of the leaders of the forum, and National President, Northern Nigeria Youth Forum, Alhaji Abdulsalam Kazeem, at a press conference held at the Arewa House, Kaduna, noted that they are bothered on what’s happening in Imo State because northerners are also residing in the state. The text of the press conference which was titled ‘Embezzlement of public funds: Arrest Senator Rochas Okorocha now or release Joshua Dariye and ex-governor Jolly Nyame.’ Attendees are Alhaji Kabiru Soba, President Arewa Yout

Anambra community leader, herbalist clash over cure of coronavirus claim

By Okechukwu Onyegbu

The claim by Chief Frederick Dike Ezenwata that he has cure for the deadly coronavirus has sparked off war between him and his community, Agulu, Anaocha LGA.

Ezenwata, a herbalist, had in a media chat, alleged that he was empowered by God to use Sun and Moon to penetrate the universe and exterminate COVID-19 from the world within 14 days.

“Corona virus broke out because Chinese people destroyed a certain shrine worshipped by their forefathers.  The spirit got angry and inflicted them with the disease.  But I can cure those already inflicted  by the virus as well as stop it from the earth forever through the Grace of God.  All I need to stop and cure corona virus within 14 days is for leaders to contact me on my phone numbers +2348069577403 or +2348078323043. They don’t need to see me in person.  I can cure it on air.

“I am a renowned  World Weather Controller. I am a spiritual scientist.  I started controlling weather and healing the sick since 1976. I mounted spiritual powerful satlight on the Sun and the Moon.  They are called He Quetoria Mazmazu and Rings of the World.  I can use it to penetrate all parts of the world where corona virus is and wipe it out.  When I start working,  those already inflicted  by the virus should be kept outside the sun at noon,  under  the moon at night and outside to receive air at 9pm,” he alleged.

But his community through its umbrella body, Agulu People’s Union (APU), Nigeria in a letter dated April 2, 2020 addressed to the native doctor and signed by its President General, Chief Andy Orakwelu and Mr Albert Dimaka (National Secretly), entitled “Fake claim for cure of coronavirus (COVID-19), asked Ezenwata to withdrew the comment within 24 hours.

It read “With reference to your posting in the Social Media claiming to have power to eliminate COVID-19 within 14 days and the consequent complaint from various quarters in Agulu and beyond, the President General of APU having interviewed you and found no basis for your claim hereby mandates as follows;

“a. You will refute your claim for cure of COVID-19 in the internet within 24hrs. b. No patient will be admitted by you in connection with COVID-19. Leadership of Agulu Peoples' Union frowns at your purported claim for cure of COVID-19 in view of the tensions and fear being by the claim.

“In view of the above, you will be closely monitored. Failure to comply with the above mandate exposes you to serious disciplinary action by APU. You are seriously warned to comply. You are expected to respond to this letter within 24hrs with evidence of accomplishment of mandate.”

However, Ezenwata, told our reporter that he would never withdraw his comment on the cure for COVID-19 which according to him, was a revelation from God, alleging that five coronavirus positive patients from a state in Western Nigeria and a ‘whitewoman’ that tested positive to the pandemic on her arrival to Nigeria had been cured of it after waiting under the sun for sometimes.

This according to him, was because he kickstarted the process even when he was yet to receive a dime or phone call from anyone, and implored his community and world leaders to kindly support him to wipe away the pandemic from earth immediately by contacting him on (2348069577403 or +2348078323043).

He also stated that he had met with law enforcement agents his town’s union reported him to and clarified to them that his cure for the deadly pandemic requires no physical contact with any patient but mainly on air by standing under the Sun or Moon.

Contacted on phone, the APU President General, Chief Andy Orakwelu, who said he was yet to discover where the herbalist’s laboratory was located, insisted that he must refute the claim although himself (Orakwelu) had officially reported him to the DSS.