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Arrest Senator Rochas Okorocha now or release Joshua Dariye and ex-governor Jolly Nyame -Northern group demands

Some concerned northerners on Friday in Kaduna asked the regime of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, to arrest a former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, or release ex-governors Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame in Correctional Centres over corruption charges. The group under the aegis of Concerned Northern Forum, a coalition of other organizations, also asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to commence the prosecution of the former governor over alleged corruption. One of the leaders of the forum, and National President, Northern Nigeria Youth Forum, Alhaji Abdulsalam Kazeem, at a press conference held at the Arewa House, Kaduna, noted that they are bothered on what’s happening in Imo State because northerners are also residing in the state. The text of the press conference which was titled ‘Embezzlement of public funds: Arrest Senator Rochas Okorocha now or release Joshua Dariye and ex-governor Jolly Nyame.’ Attendees are Alhaji Kabiru Soba, President Arewa Yout


By. F. U. Edwards.

When you want to compare two elements, it would be fair if the variables are of the same or are placed on similar condition.

If two students, *Student A* and *Student B* writes an exam, and *Student A* performs beyond *Student B* in the exam,  it will never be wrong if *Student B* is scolded for performing badly.

But what if *Student A and B* are writing same exam but in different centers, and in the center of *Student A*, the environment was calm and conducive as for an exam with extra time given to cross check all works before submitting the script,  while in the center of *Student B*,  five minutes into the exams,  there was a hitch which prompted a fight in the exam hall, guns were used and the police were involved which warranted the scripts to be collected and the exams ending abruptly.

You see, it will only take the grace of God for *Student B's* performance to be at par with *Student A*. This is not excuse, it is reality. That is why professional examination bodies like JAMB, WAEC etc grants supplementary exams so that people like *Student B* can showcase themselves and be judged aright.

Now let's go to the main issue. Compare the above instance with the present Governor of IMO State. How fair will it be for you to judge his performance for 100 days with the present situation at hand ?. A 100 days were 30 days out of the 100 has been of intense battle for survival?

Whatsoever the Governor has been doing that has made us not to have recorded any case of covid19 should be commended. It is never easy. With the high level of it transmission, IMO State is yet to record any. Doesn't it call for applauds and put to shame those who have taunted God in this administration? What is so important than health? Or should he have pursued other things and allowed our state to be ravaged by this pandemic?

Let's just pretend as if it is a feat everybody can achieve.  But why is the United States crying? The United Kingdom, China, Italy, Spain and in fact the whole Europe are on their kneels, world economies have crumbled. Why can't they achieve it with their well developed technologies ?.
As at today, Nigeria has about 981 confirmed cases, 197 discharged cases and 31 deaths, with IMO recording none yet. What a magic!
But Sorry I digressed.

If he has revived Adapalm and other industries.

If he has revived workers moral by restoring light in the state secretariat.

If he has restored Owerri water scheme.

If he has tighten the security of the state with the lunching of Operation  Search and Flush.

If has built roads and  completed other on going projects .

If he has paid workers salaries and promptly.

If he has inaugurated an Interim management committee for proper administration of the local governments.

If he has gifted the perm secretaries brand new vehicles to boast their working moral.

If he has revived our health system to be formidable enough to withstand the antics of this pandemic.

If he has assembled the best brains as a team with assigned portfolios, to work with him in restoring IMO of our dream.

If he has started building Owerri in line with its master plan.
E. T. C.

If he has achieved all this  within this period of time amidst the situation at hand,  then he really deserves a thumbs up.

For the past 30 days, the revenue of the state has dropped, all economic activities of the state has been placed on hold,  yet the Governor is still sustaining the state to a greater level.

Let's give him time and still rate him 100 days after the lockdown, with that,  we can then determine if he is the real MR PROJECT.

We should always pray and proffer advices to the government so that the government can serve the state better, for if the state is better, both the government, the governed and the opposition enjoys.