Hon.Obinna Okechukwu reticulates water in NASPA Nnewi Market.

The Chairman of NASPA Agboedo Nnewi, Hon. Obinna Okechukwu has added another feather to his cap, by the reticulation of water throughout the market, as a measure to ensure that the traders in the market protect themselves from the ravaging Corona Virus in the world, which is also inline with the directives of Chief Willie Obiano for everyone in Anambra to keep here hands clean to avoid contacting the virus.

While interacting with Nigerian Notch over the weekend, he said, that the reticulation of water in the market became a top priority to his administration because of the importance he attached to cleanliness, which should be the bedrock of human existence.

Hon Obinna stressed that the reticulation of water throughout the market was one of the many projects he has done in the market since he assumed office. He said that with the reticulation of water throughout the market the Anambra state fire service will not have any need to lack water again for fire emergency.

He however stated that, he has made sure, all the gangways in the market was made accessible without any pot holes as they are all motorable. On the issue of culverts in the market, he said he has renovated 4 culverts in the market to get it up to the standard it should be, tarred all the gangways and parks in the market, installed a rolling gate at the entrance of the market and also a gate at the importers park,while ensuring that the drainage is not blocked for any reason, which has also helped to wipe the incidence of flooding in the market.

Hon Obinna Okechukwu however thanked the Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano and Chief Innocent Chukwuma(Ifediaso Nnewi) for their fatherly support, which has been the backbone to his administration. He also thanked the importer's association for their and encouragement, which has helped in strengthening his administration.

He pleaded with the traders to see reason with the state government, on why the market should remain closed for now, which is for their own good, until a directive to open the market again.