The All Progressive Grand Alliance ( APGA) candidate for the IMO North senatorial election Atty Dr Charles Chibuike Onyirimba  has demonstrated his passion to transform IMO North senatorial district and effectively represent them in the Senate.

Speaking to newsmen at an interactive meeting section with the stakeholders of Christian Association of Nigeria, Okigwe zone leadership recently, Atty Dr Charles Onyirimba  assured them that he is committed to partner with the Christian community in okigwe zone with a view to help solve the problems of unemployment, human capital development, sustainable development, poor representation among others. According to Atty Dr Charles Chibuike Onyirimba he said, " Indeed,  l am a political missionary, l am committed to ensure the development of individuals, roads and positive transformation in the entire okigwe zone. It is obvious that when you empower youths and women, the society are empowered. As a matured legislature and a lecturer of American democracy, l assures effective representation of IMO North in the Senate".

In another development, the APGA senatorial candidate for IMO North election  Dr  Onyirimba maintained that over the years, he have played active role in training the Federal lawmakers on how to make laws and how best to implement the American democracy in Nigeria. Adding that, his emergence as the Senator for IMO North will give birth to total empowerment, job creation and sustainable development. " Government and governance are an official way to positively reach out for the crowds. I am here to serve the people of okigwe zone not as a leader. No doubt, l will attract foreign investors that will help us to transform our zone. Again, l will carry the church along in the scheme of things, such that my appointment  to any one will come through his church pastor or priest. Also, there will be a functional constituency office in each of the six local government areas. This is to ensure an open door policy for every one "- Dr. Onyirimba said.

Responding, the leader of Christian community in okigwe zone Rev Prof Oliver Alozie who is currently serving as the Director on National issues, Political and Moral in Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) IMO State chapter, expressed joy  and thanked Dr Charles Onyirimba and his team  for their laudable vision, people oriented programs and the commitment to better the lives of people in okigwe zone. Hence he assures them to take the message of change to okigwe zone Christian community and to advice them accordingly before the Imo North senatorial election".

Also contributing is the chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria in Isiala mbano local government area Bishop Ezekiel Nwachukwu he said, " No doubt, disunity have remained the only cause of the set back in okigwe zone. Hence l call on all the leaders to unite to enforce and support a positive change that is capable to give us our desired change and development in okigwe zone. I see Dr. Charles Onyirimba as a man with the rightful vision to reposition the zone politically and others ".