Trump concede defeat, promises “orderly” transition

The outgoing president of United States, Mr. Donald Trump has finally conceded to President elect, Joe Biden after a long bickering on purported electoral fraud as speculated by Republicans on the last US Presidential election.

Mr. Trump’s concession comes moments after the country’s parliament affirmed Biden’s Electoral College victory, American news network CNN is reporting.

The outgoing U.S. leader, who lost his re-election bid in the keenly contested poll last November, described his controversial and largely tumultuous first tenure as the “greatest first term in the presidential history of the US, CNN said Thursday. 

His acceptance, will pave way for the smooth handover of power to the president elect, Mr Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been declared winner in the November polls by the electoral college after over 2 months of bickering and strife by the Trump Presidency. Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America, and is a democrat.