Gov. Uzodimma and the Magic wand.


In spite of disturbances arising from economic down time occasioned by the Covid - 19 pandemic, to Youth restiveness nicknamed, "END SARS PROTESTS" and now the politically motivated insecurity and unrest, in Imo State, the man Uzodimma has not rested on his oars or give excuses and justifications. He went straight to the workshop where Imo was dumped by his predecessors, and has continued to up with strategies to confront the dire needs of the state. 

The roads in Imo:- This sector yearned for attention for a very long time but suffered huge neglect by successive administrations but Uzodimma's Midas touch is being felt, currently, as roads in the State are getting a facelift, gradually but steadily. 

Civil service:- This sector experienced so much decay and was in a near comatose situation until Gov. Uzodimma arrived. He quickly provided free buses to convey workers to and fro, daily, to ease the burden of transport fare on the workers. The digitalisation of the sector promises great succour to speed up the recovery of the Civil Service in the State.

IGR:- Gov. Uzodimma introduced Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy in the state, which aided in plugging all the loop holes through which our common patrimony was being siphoned and this resulted to increased revenue generation monthly.

Youth emancipation: The Governor pioneered an all encompassing youth empowerment program and currently embarking on a youth based Agropreneur Programme which is geared towards an Agro -revolution in the state. It is aptly tagged "one man, one farm".

Security: The issue security, in Imo State, is one that would have become a national discourse, had Gov. Uzodimma not courageously risen to the occasion to reverse the trend.  Though, believed to be a politically motivated insecurity, Gov. Hope Uzodimma has refused to allow the lives of Imo people to be used to settle political scores. He has made far  reaching engagement of the critical stakeholders in the State, and this is yielding fruits and in no distant time the issue of insecurity in Imo State would have completely been a thing of the past.

The practised ease with which Gov. Uzodimma attends to the needs of Imo people has led to the conception, by people, that this must be some sort of the legendary magic wand, yet he doesn't hide the fact that all he desires is a better Imo State that we can all be proud of. 

 Credits: #HopeNewAndElectronicMediaCenter