A well known traditional doctor and community leader Chief Dr. Pius Okechukwu Eziadigiaku popularly called “Ezemuo” has called upon Ndi Igbo not to allow their rich culture and tradition to die because of Christianity and western civilization.
He made the call at Alor while speaking with pressmen. Chief Eziadigiaku further stated that white men taught them strange culture and tradition which branded the age long Igbo cultural heritage as paganism and evil adding that during the era of our fore-fathers, they have rules and regulation otherwise known as (Nso-ala) which regulate the way and manner Igbo’s live their lifes during that period.
He said "Let me make it very clear, it is since Igbo’s began to copy the white people in their way of life they started having pre matured deaths, madness and other kinds of evils in the land, it wasn’t so during the era of our fore fathers, he stressed.
Chief Eziadigiaku disclosed, it is time for Igbo’s to go back to their root and began to teach their children about their culture and language, warning that all hands must be on desk to ensure they continued the promotion of Igbo culture especially in our various homes.
The native doctor tasked the governors of all the southeast states to set up apparatus with a view of boasting the promotion of Igbo culture in their various states especially among the youths.
He expressed his desnoy on the destruction of shrines or idols of our fore fathers by Christians in the name of protecting their faith. “I am aware that there is freedom of worship in Nigeria, therefore it is very sad to note that Christians want to force their doctrine and religion on those practicing traditional religion such as Godien.
Chief Okechukwu Eziadigiaku who is a native of urueze Ani village Alor disclosed that he usually celebrates Udo Okpoege and Nne muru Ogwugwu day every year as his own contribution towards the promotion of Igbo culture stressing that before he eventually become a native doctor, he has done other business both at home and in kano but all proved abortive because his destiny is in the traditional practice.