Hon Azubuogu sues for industrial growth, set to attract over 10MW electricity project to Anambra.

The Federal House Member representing Nnewi Federal Constituency at the national Assembly has engaged in advanced level talks with  some power companies on the need to generate more power for EEDC in Anambra, and the south east in generally to help stem the growing tension between consumers and EEDC.

This was the import of the meeting he held with Mr Benjamin Amaechi, the commercial manger of Green Fuels Energy Ltd  in Lagos on Sunday morning after meeting with the Anambra community in Lagos the previous day.

Our correspondent who monitored the meeting reliably gathered, that the  meeting was successful, to the extent that  negotiations have commenced on how to reach EEDC, to provide an enabling platform to evacuate over 10MW of electricity from the company which will help reduce the present cost of buying power, which has been a major problem facing EEDC over the years.

Hon Chris Azubuogu while thanking Mr Benjamin Amaechi for the drive to improve on the latest technology in the industry, said that when the project finally comes to fruition will energize the south east, revive moribund industry, thereby creating employment directly and indirectly.

He commended the management of the company for there sincerity and promised to provide a level playing ground through apt legislative intervention and leg work to make it a success. He also promised to provide full support to enhance economic growth, which will inturn reduce unemployment and idleness in Anambra state.

In his remarks, Benjamin Amaechi, the commercial manger of Green Fuels Energy Ltd assured him that his company will drop power costs by nearly 50% using CNG, which is compressed Natural Gas. He said that their experience in the industry is second to none as most multinational companies in Nigeria use there services, as they have successfully built similar commercial plants in the country which is under the of management Arundeep Sira, one of such plants is the first commercial power plant in Nigeria, which is Tower Power Abeokuta and Tower Power Utility Ota in Ogun state which has been driving industrialization in the South West.

Mr Benjamin Amaechi went further to state that the commitment of Green Fuels Energy Ltd is to help grow power nationwide as a commitment to National Development, and that if EEDC agrees to their terms of supply, which is cheaper than what EEDC has presently in the South East, that the issue of power outage will be a thing of the past.

He however stressed that their commitment is anchored on the availability of excess Natural Gas in the country especially in the South East which can be made use of with the right technology to drive the economy.

He thanked Hon. Chris Azubuogu for his sincerity of purpose and for being a good representative of his people. He said "it takes one who is intelligent to understand the dynamics of electricity in every given growth of any economy. I am impressed, he really knows what he wants and we are ready to make it work"

GFL has primary activities in the provision of CNG for use in industrial power generation and process heat applications. CNG as a fuel is cleaner (environmentally friendly), safer, cheaper, and benefits from a less volatile market than conventional fossil fuels, as well as being an appropriate fuel for waste heat recovery.