Dr Orjiako Conducts Free Medical Outreach in Umuonaga, Awka South.

Dr Samuel Orijiako, a pain management specialist and medical consultant at NAUTH, Nnewi Anambra state, has conducted a free medical outreach in Umuonaga Village, in Awka South LGA of Anambra state.

The maiden edition of the medical outreach which started at Umuonaga, the home town of Dr Orjiako, witnessed massive attendance by the young, elderly and children, who came out to check their health status, by a team of medical consultants from NAUTH, who were on ground to take care of the health challenges of the people.

While speaking with newsmen, the coordinator and sponsor of the medical outreach, Dr Samuel Orjiako, thanked members of his community, for coming out enmasse to partake in the medical outreach. He stressed that the reason he brought the medical outreach, with his team of consultants to his community was because he wants people around him, to be hale and hearty at all times.

Dr Orjiakor stressed that " one does not need to have so much before sharing with your people, as God entrenched sharing as a principle of being our brothers keepers" Its my own little way of giving back to the society and community where I come from, because charity begins at home"

Dr Orjiako emphasized that he instituted the medical outreach because of the health challenges being faced by his people, being the reason he invited his professional colleagues to help attend to their health needs. The medical outreach he said, will be regular, with the intent to take care of the health needs of people, who have need for medical care, but without funds to take care of their health needs and challenges.

He however stressed that the program was to ameliorate the sufferings of people, who do not have access to proper medical checks, as further stated, that the theme of the outreach was in accordance, with the SDG 2020 SDG 3 project , which is about taking good care, of the health needs of women, children and the adults, for a vibrant and healthy society.

While speaking with newsmen, beneficiaries of the medical outreach program, Samuel Egwuatu from Umuonaga, aged 90,  and Grace Udoba 87,who spoke to newsmen where filled with happiness for the gesture of their son, whom they said took his time to remember that they needed to be checked for different aliments, such as High Blood Pressure, Malaria, Typhoid, there sight etc. They prayed for good health on the part of Dr Orjiako and his team, and asked that the medical outreach will be a regular one to ensure they are healthy always, to be able to discharge their daily actives.

In the same vein, a community leader of Umuonaga community, Chief Obiajulu Nweke, thanked God for the life Dr Orjiako and his team of medical experts, who left their comfort zones to come for the medical outreach, he said the medical outreach is one of a kind, as this has never happened before, where indigenes of the 7 hamlets that make up Umuonaga village came out in their numbers to partake in the medical outreach. He also asked that the medical outreach becomes a regular one to help prolong the lives of people in the community who may for their action or inaction not know how to properly take care of their health needs.

The highlights of the free medical outreach was the checking of vital signs, like blood pressure, sugar level, eye defects, distribution of free medical lens, and drugs to over 211 indigenes of Umuonaga community in Awka South LGA in Anambra State. The medical outreach attended to 211 adults who were checked for various ailments, while 111 saw eye specialist while 96 received medical lens glasses, 47 children were also attended to in the program which will be an annual event henceforth.