The success of any lawmaker in attracting goodies for his people at the National Assembly is highly dependent on the position of the member in any 'juicy' committee. This is because, almost all serious politicking at NASS is done at the committee level.

For a member to be assigned a worthy position in a functional committee, the member needs to be a ranking member with networks of goodwill among the members of the house. Being assigned a worthy position in a functional committee means that the lawmaker will in no time influence jobs, road projects, healthcare and entrepreneurial support for his constituents, utilizing his influence in the committee.

If truth be made manifest, of all the candidates contesting to represent Okigwe North in Federal House of Representatives, only one of them is ranked and is better positioned to have a large support network among members of the house. He is *Hon. (Engr) Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri, PDP Candidate.

In this Re-run Election, Okigwe North is left with no other choice than sending a candidate who is already ranked to the house of Representatives, to ensure positioning ourselves for a juicy committee and its benefits to our constituency. It should be noted that sending newbies who will end up using the remaining 3 years to learn the ropes, languishing as mere member in committees with odd name and less functionality, thereby breaching the "Gentleman Agreement" for two terms of representation that revolves among the three (3) LGA, in the bid to perform better in their second term, will be disastrous.

 *Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri* has gathered the experience and no longer needs to spend months learning how to draft and present bills. Getting him back into the House of Representatives will ensure placement in a functional  committee which will be of enormous benefit to Ndi Okigwe North. We will have  our roads included in the budget, We will have the capacity to elevate issues in Okigwe North to matters of national importance.

 Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri as a Committee Deputy Chairman on Foreign Affairs before election nullification, has already made lots of friends across the geopolitical divides, and if he gets to NASS, is guaranteed of meeting a chunk of them there, meaning, he will have a large dependable network to support his bills and protect the interests of his people. No other candidate in the race has this leverage.

Come 25th January, 2020, Okigwe North is presented with a choice to send the better prepared candidate with the requisite experience, contact and rank to take Okigwe North higher or pander towards emotional dictates and sentiments and send newbies who will end up being mute and thus languish in obscurity at the NASS

If Okigwe North must make a wise pick, *Hon. Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri* towers high above all in experience and intellectual fecundity for effective representation. Having him as our representative, is a clarion call that all well meaning sons and daughters of Okigwe North should obey and abide by the simple rules of supporting and voting in *Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri* for brighter Okigwe North of tomorrow๐Ÿ“Œ