COVID 19: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah an icon of Hope & Succor

Covid19 has really made us to know, who can truly be there for the people in time of need. Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, has once again proved that he has the magic wand to take Anambra to the promised land.

Its a pity, that while serious leaders are looking for ways to stop the spread of coronavirus disease, some of our leaders prefer to play politics with the outbreak, at the detriment of the people.

It is annoying that gov Obiano who is on self isolation after the NEC meeting in Abuja, deployed his aides to defame and attack Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah for attempting to do what the governor has failed  to do, which is to protect ndi Anambra from this deadly virus.

Nigerian Notch, authoritatively gathered that at the moment, Anambra has no standard ICU centre that can serve as an isolation centre for the state, to fight the corona virus spread.

Its however unfortunate that an account with Fidelity Bank has been opened, where  ndi Anambra are asked to donate money for the fight against the virus. No one would want to donate to an administration that lacks frugal fiscal management of resources.

Its however heart warming to note that Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has risen to the challenge.

The YPP senator through his goodwill has mobilised his friends, colleagues and political allies to make donations as he took this bold step to build standard isolation centres in the state.

The isolation centres on completion, as was gathered by Nigerian Notch, will be installed with standard hospital equipments as it will serve as centers for strange diseases such as corona virus, and its like. It will also be converted to standard hospitals after this pandemic.

While Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is making efforts at giving the state, world class ICU centres, gov Obiano who ought to have joined hands with him chose to attack this noble idea, because of his succession plans. Its worthy of note, that deploying his aides to discredit this young man with a lion heart at ensuring that the project which will benefit Ndi Anambra is not actualised will not see the light of the day.

Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has come back home to do what Obiano can't provide for the state. Anambra deserves a world class ICU centre and the YPP senator is here to do it. He has mobilized his friends to assist in him.

It was also gathered that supporters, friends and colleagues of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah have mobilised funds to support this project. These isolation centres will serve its purpose and still be converted to hospitals for the use of ndi Anambra, after the scourge. This has shown that the acceptability of the Anambra south senator is not in doubt.

Obiano should stop being jittery of the growing acceptability of this young man who helped him so much to return to power in 2017. The governor having lost the trust of ndi Anambra should rather join hands and encourage what the YPP senator is doing for the good of the state.

Recall that, during the Onitsha fire incident that destroyed Ochanja market, while gov Obiano opened an account for Ndi Anambra to donate towards ameliorating the sufferings of the victims, Hon Osita Chidoka, Ike Obosi also opened another account where he appealed to his friends and colleagues to make donations towards same purpose.

As COVID 19 keeps spreading, every leader should support the people to help contain the virus, why then is Obiano against the genuine effort being made by senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and his friends to build standard isolation centres for the state.

This is not a time to play politics. It is not time for bitter political rivalry. It is time for patriotism. Leaders all over the world are coming together to fight this virus. Despite their political differences, Anambra state should not be different.

Governor Willie Obiano, should swallow his pride,come down from his high horse and do the needful. Deploying his aides to malign, attack and blackmail Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah for coming out to help the fight against COVID 19 is a serious disservice to ndi Anambra. There is no need stopping a moving train, because one will get injured in the process. Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is a moving train, let's join hands and support his vision for Ndi Anambra and Igboland.