Time has come for the Youths to take over the realms of Power in Nigeria.

By Chigozie Igbo Jr.

The events of last two weeks, has further opened the eyes of many Nigerian youths on the need for us, the youths to retrospect on why we must no longer fold our hands and watch our country slide further into bad leadership, the very reason the structures of government fail by the day to deliver the needed leadership, to our great country Nigeria.

I was so ashamed, to see how mindless and wicked some state governments are, especially on how they handled the covid19 palliatives, meant for the very poor, in the midst of hunger and starvation in the country, while our people were handed crumbs during the lockdown, from politicians, who stocked away palliatives meant for the citizenry for God knows what.

We showed Nigerians and the world through the peaceful protests, throughout Nigeria, that we are able and ready to take over the realms of power, and we can't wait any further.

In the coming days, Nigerian youths will agreed together in love and oneness, that in 2023 presidential election and in every other elections, henceforth, whether state or local government, that we will no longer lie idly by, and wait, while our future and that of our children is further mortgaged to the crass debauchery and wickedness of the present crop of politicians we have today in Nigeria.

I thank God, PMB re emphasized the fact that "we have been heard loud and clear" It will only be foolhardy to recline any further, with the impression and wrong notion that how we are governed does not concern us. We should not be distracted any longer. Its obvious that the present political structure, and crop of politicians we have today, have taking us for granted for too long.

We will not vote for anyone who has been in politics from 1960 down to 2019. And the candidate we are going to vote for, must not be above the age of 50.

We have better and young brains that can turn around the fortunes of this country. The world has gone digital and we can't relegate the fact that the youths are in control of that sector. If Stripe an American company can buy over Paystack for a whooping $200M, who knows how many of these talents that has bern wasted and suppressed over the years because of bad leadership. We must use ICT wisely, and to our advantage.

A fresh party, formed by the youths of the federal republic of Nigeria, will win every election starting from 2021. You can call it a prophecy if you like. The Youths will come out with an open statement on that soon.

The protest has further shown that we can no longer be divided along ethnic and religious lines. That is their major tool and we fall for it always. Going round the country, I have always asked myself the difference between a Northerner and a Southerner, and I have realized the fact, that there is no difference, rather than religion and ethnicity, which has been used against us, by our supposed leaders for their own selfish interest.

I could not sleep well last night after I engaged some northern youths, mainly from the intellectual class,  yesterday in Kastina on their take about what is happening in the country, they are as embittered as  every other Nigerian youth. They also needed us to move away, from the present day reality in the country. 

We have shown the world that we can take charge of our affairs. We have shown that we have capacity to turn things around for good. We have resolved that we will no longer be used, rather we will use our wisdom and strength for the overall benefit of Nigerians.

The journey will not be easy, but has already started. I therefore charge our brothers and sisters all over Nigeria to desist from further violence and destruction of public and private property, and think of how we can regain political relevance in the country aside from being used as thugs during elections. 

I have always advocated for an E Election process, but with which structures can that be achieved? Today in USA, people will vote using that method in coming election which is in a matter of days. Americans will vote using mail through the post offices. They will vote using electronic devices. They will vote from the diaspora.

Have you asked yourselves, why have our politicians refused to make this institutions work,if not for their devilish intent to always stagnate us,and to manipulate the overall system. The change we need should be in changing how things work here, a change that affects the youths to enable us build a greater Nigeria of our dreams.

They know if we're united we would have one voice, 

If we have one voice, we have power. And if we have that power, which we will have. WE WOULD DEMAND FOR A BETTER NIGERIA.

With God on our side and determination, we will take over the realms of power in Nigeria for the overall good of our dear Country.