Nollywood: On Igbo Presidency we stand

....... Craves for Equity and Justice  

Nollywood for Igbo Presidency a conglomeration of entertainers in Nigeria has once more thrown there weight behind the quest for Igbo Presidency. As stakeholders in the Nigerian socio-economic space, and a major contributor to the GDP growth of the national life of this country in the last 30 years, are however compelled by the present situation in the country, because of the recent realities of our national existence, to converge under the umbrella of Nollywood for Igbo Presidency to ensure that this dream becomes a reality. Nollywood for Igbo Presidency is non partisan national political support group, comprising of active practitioners in the Nigeria motion picture industry to get it right now.

In a press release made available to Nigerian Notch Newspaper, the group said that "There motive is simply to mobilise and enlist as active practitioners and possibly as volunteers, for the singular purpose of drumming up support for the emergence of a Nigerian president from the South eastern part of Nigeria (Igbos). This call they said have become eminently expedient for the promotion of fairness, equity and justice in our country.

This group believes in the coperate existence of the geographical space called Nigeria, as one indivisible entity and will ensure they deploy every strategy within their means, to promote it and strenghten its continued unity, irrespective of our ethnic, cultural and religious diferences as a country, hence they call for all political leaders of good conscience with interest of the nation at heart, to support the call for the political leadership of this country to be ceeded to the Igbos in 2023,beginning from the 2nd week in the month of March of 2021. They said that they shall be embarking on advocacy visits to top political leaders across tribal and religious divides to seek their support for the actualisation of this call.

They are of the view that, they shall also be reaching out to all the leading political parties, and to also lobby them on the need to zone the presidency of their individual parties to the southeast in 2023.

They opined that It is instructive to note that the enterprising spirit of the average Igbo man, which has been internationally acknowledged, has brought to bear, in the evolution process of this great industry, that is presently one of the nations highest employers of labour, hence their role at the formative stage of the present day Nollywood cannot be overemphasised, little wonder most igbo titles, cliches, idiomatic expressions, etc. easily became the most convenient means of refering to Nigeria and Nigerians abroad, by foriegners whose only point of contact with Nigeria is through the popular Nollywood movies that made waves in various parts of Asia, Europe and America. These are incontrovertible facts of our national historical development as Nollywood remains a major front in projecting Nigeria to the  world.

In conclusion, they called on President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, to support a successor from the South Eastern part of Nigeria to boldly have his name, written in gold in the political anals of this country.