Hon. Chris Azubuogu collaborate with Federal Ministry of Health, to offer Free Medical Outreach to constituents.

The Federal House Member representing Nnewi Federal constituency at the National assembly, Hon. Engr Chris Azubuogu, has once more shown that he truly has the interest of his constituents, with the re- energized partnership with the Federal Ministry of health, to bring healthcare to people of his constituents who can not afford such.

He made this known in a press release made available to Nigerian Notch at Nnewi over the weekend. He said, "It is a great honor and privilege for me to address and interact with you today in preparation for the 3rd Chris Azubogu Medical Outreach which is organized in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health".

He stated that he organized the 1st edition in 2017 and was glad with the huge success and impact it generated within the community, which he said encouraged him to apply to the Federal Ministry of health for urgent assistance and support in organizing more of such programs in his constituency,as  their request was granted in 2018 and the 2nd edition was held in Nnewi, Ozubulu and Ukpor from the 7th -16th January 2019.

Hon. Azubuogu said that, all is now set for the 3rd edition, which will be a fore runner for another Medical Outreach in 2020 once the budget is passed. He saif that the forthcoming edition of the outreach program will take place from Thursday, 12th to Wednesday 18th December 2019 - just 11 months after the 2nd edition, which hold simultaneously at the following venues: Nnewi Diocesan Hospital Akwudo, Nnewi, Nnewi North LGA; Joint Hospital Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LGA; St. Mary’s Mother of All Catholic Church Hall, Ukpor and Amichi Diocesan Hospital, Amichi - both in Nnewi South, all in the Federal constituency he represents in the National Assembly.

The press release further stated that the medical outreach team numbering about 50 personnel including specialist Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Pharmacists and medical technologists will be in Anambra for seven days to perform surgical operations in areas, including eye, dental, orthopaedic, paediatric and general surgeries; providing drugs, consultations, medical examinations and diagnostics; as well as counselling and health education, all at no cost.

Hon Chris Azubuogu said the medical Outreach is an intervention towards assisting the most vulnerable of the vulnerable families in our communities especially those without the resources to bear the high burden of out-of-pocket payment for hospital bills and medical expenses.

In his words, he said "The Chris Azubogu Medical Outreach is another intervention towards healthcare delivery in our communities. It is not segmented along “poor care for the poor” or ‘rich care for the rich’ because everyone have a fundamental and inalienable right to the highest attainable standard of medical facilities and treatment irrespective of gender, religion, state of origin or socio-economic status as long as that person is resident in our communities"

The 1st and 2nd Editions in 2017 and January 2018,  took care of over 7750 patients from within and outside Nnewi Federal Constituency, as many benefited from the programs- which had a reach to 3850 adult women, 2780 adult males and 1140 children. Treatment data by the Medical team that conducted the 2nd edition indicated that there were 134 successful general Surgeries for uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, lumps, scrotal elephantiasis and hernia; 204 eye surgeries, 776 patients treated with various forms of eye problems, 460 reading glasses were issued, 706 lab investigations conducted and over 250 ultra-scans were performed as well as for others who were treated for minor ailments.

Besides the Medical Outreach program, Chris Azubogu Foundation has provided financial assistance to students in various colleges and universities, supporting SMEs, especially those run by women and youths; providing skills acquisition training and youth engagement initiatives, as well as continuous support to the aging and aged in our communities.

The Foundation in view of the level of poverty in our communities will continue to deliverMedical interventions aimed at alleviating community health needs through comprehensive, protective, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care to profiled and identified underprivileged sick individuals and families.

Concluding, he said he is very optimistic that our partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health will continue, so as to enable him deliver qualitative and cost-free healthcare services to his people in the coming years. He stated  the obvious, with An old Arabian proverb, which says that “Health is wealth is not only instructive but a perquisite for good living, as those who have health, have hope and those who have hope, have everything”