It is wicked, criminal,  malicious , satanic and evil to take up jobs and assignments that are way above your competence levels and abilities. 

Most enterprises and corporations ( both in the private and public sector ) have been ruined and totally destroyed by the activities of quacks and hacks, who posed for assignments and jobs that they know are way above their knowledge pay grade.   

Nigeria is suffering today because we allowed and elevated mostly  incompetent charlatans into sensitive positions that require, creative skills , deep knowledge, competences and integrity to execute . 

Most of these  court jesters auditioned for positions, assignments and offices they knew quiet well that they cannot execute.

The saddest aspect of this whole charade is that these  same incompetent clowns, even, after they have succeeded in their emotional and mental swindling of the equally ignorant electorate, do not deem it fit to seek for help from the competent ones that can help cover their shame and ignominy. 

The consequences and collateral damage of their wicked antics and rudderless performances on the job are the mass poverty, death and misery we have today across all the sectors in Nigeria. 

Can anyone here tell me why I should support and vote for  your candidate in the Imo North Senate election of October 31, 2020.?

A majority of you here should be so ashamed of yourself for supporting Ndi Ngworo candiates that were foisted on you by jesters in Abuja. Affidavit candidates and lame duck jesters, who will go to Abuja to collect fat allowances without any sense of direction of what is required for excellent representation of Ndi Okigwe Zone . 

This is the kind of thing that happens when men are conscienceless, hungry, deprived of honour, dignity and self respect.  Where you are pushed, you will go. Tomorrow if they ask you why you supported a mental  Ngworo man as your rep , you will claim that our party directed us to do so. Tomorrow you will jump into another party to support another Ngworo man. Shame . Shame . Big shame . 

May God have mercy on all of us and help us to always do the right things amen .

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA