By Prince MacDonald Enwere.

Today is June 12. As our nation commemorate  the anniversary of June 12 celebration today, there is need for us to strive towards sustaining and consolidating democratic principles in Nigeria.

Indeed, June 12 is a turning point and watershed in the nation’s political history. It also remains the unequivocal demonstration of popular will in our democratic history, it is also the story of resilience, unity and people’s commitment to our democracy.

Figuratively speaking, there is a correlation between the living ideals of the late political sage Chief M.K.O. Abiola, and the dilemma of our democracy today. There is also an explicit intercoure between the ideals of June 12 and the quest for consolidation and sustenance of our democratic principles. Today, sustaining the gains of political development through consistent democratic good governance practices have remained the major challenge staring our nation on the face. The ideals of June 12 have no doubt provided the impetus to locate Nigeria on the trajectory of sustainable political development, which gears towards consolidating the basis of our democratic foundation.

As our country reflects on the basic ideals of June 12 today,it is indeed highly imperative for us to begin to lay the solid  foundation for democratic functionalism, political positivism , prosperity and development across Nigeria. No doubt, the parlors state of democratic practice in Nigeria today is a reflection of the abuse of democratic principles and erosion of the spirit of social solidarity and patriotism.

For our nation to move forward, we must install the ideals and basic principles of democracy and good governance. As we commemorate the anniversary of June 12 today, we should strive to bring about democratic consolidation by developing a political mindset to change the obnoxious political culture of absolutism in the struggle for the acquisition and retention of power. There should be an abstract modification and holistic review of the nation's institutionalized myopic  and visionless ethnic-centered leadership with separatist/nepotic and particularistic political outlook . Our leadership should begin to rekindle the hope of  Nigerians on communal harmony by developing National policies that will bolster our ebbing sense of unity and oneness.  We should also imbibe the culture of tolerance, objectivity, honesty, selflessness, accommodation,accountability,integrity and openness which are central pillars to democratic praxis and good governance.

Finally, it is our expectations that the ideals of June 12 will continue to reflect on the foundation of our political culture thereby laying the solid foundation for our democratic consolidation.